Kellie Powell (wednesdayview) wrote,
Kellie Powell

It's Over!

Did anyone else feel a tremendous sense of relief at around 11pm last night? It feels as though some small segment of the population has finally come around. I feel cautiously hopeful. I know Bush will probably pardon his cronies and issue a bunch of bullshit executive orders in the next two months, but after that... America stands a chance. That doesn't mean we won't blow it. We probably will. But we have a chance, for the first time in eight years. And that feels good.

Now that a Democrat is preparing to take over the White House, I feel free to worry about other things. I'm not too worried about local politics in New York - or Illinois for that matter. My rage and snarkiness have outlived their usefulness, and their welcome. It's time to start using the energy I've been wasting on defensive rants for something that's more productive. I'm not sure what that will be. But I know it's time for a change.
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