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Wednesdays with Kellie Powell

Kellie Powell
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Vote as if your life depended on it - because it does!

* 'My View' Review (5/3/06)
* Freedom of Religion means Freedom *from* Religion (04/26/06)
* The Politics of Disgust (04/19/06)
* Warmonger in Chief (4/12/06)
* You might be a Feminist if... (4/5/06)
* Won't somebody think of the children? (3/29/06)
* 'Pro-life' organizations are anything but (3/22/06)
* My body, my decision - unless I'm pregnant (3/8/06)
* What's at stake in South Dakota (3/1/06)
* A little culture won't kill you (2/22/06)
* The Fight for Choice Continues (2/15/06)
* Death to Cupid (2/8/06)
* The 'gay agenda' doesn't mention you (2/1/06)
* Copy Editors: The Untold Story (1/25/06)
* Is it Graduation yet? (1/18/06)


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Drug War Rant


"Queer propaganda... naive and uninformed... " --DirtyHarryY2K@aol.com.

"You need to tone this down just a bit..." --Suzanne Bell, Daily Vidette Editor in Chief.

"Your sexy column endears itself to the hard-bitten people of this institution of higher learning!" --Marion Sakaluk.

"I can't wait to see the letters to the editor about it!" --Rj Buckler.

"Brilliant." --Erin Guimon, Daily Vidette Night Editor, and my roommate.

"...completely ignorant about the bible..." --Chuck Frazier <hotsax@earthlink.net>.

"...rather eloquent and spot on... a bit odd... I thoroughly liked it..." --Matt Woods, University of Florida

"Very powerful... and very well written." --Amy Vander Meer

"...a breath of fresh air...compelling... articulate..." --James Darnell.

"...a call to arms by all the close-minded, loud mouthed individuals and groups on campus... just adding fuel to the fire..." --Danny Butts, ISU PRIDE.

"...awesome job... strong enough to scare people..." --Mick Swasko

"You make me proud to be your friend." --Dan Oltman.

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In 2006 graduated from Illinois State University. During my junior and senior year, I worked as a Copy Editor at the Daily Vidette. During my final semester at ISU, I wrote an editorial column which was published every Wednesday in the Vidette and on this livejournal. Now that I've graduated, I try to continue to post political news and views, even though I'm no longer the Wednesday columnist.

This journal promotes objective, factual information on: Roe v. Wade, abortion, and emergency contraception. You can too.

This journal promotes objective, factual information on: Bill Napoli. You can, too.


Rock the Vote
Barack Obama for America
Hillary Clinton for President
Meet the Real McCain
Roadblock Republicans


Pro-Choice America (NARAL)
Planned Parenthood
Advocates for Pregnant Women
Bush vs. Choice
Save Roe
Center for Reproductive Law & Policy
Feminist Health Center
Abortion Access
Catholics for Choice
Feminist Campus
Million for Roe
National Abortion Federation
National Network of Abortion Funds
LJ for Choice
Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
Republicans for Choice
Voices of Choice
Choice USA
Abortion Clinics Online
American Women's Services
National Coalition of Abortion Providers
National Partnership for Women & Families
Pro-Choice or No Choice
Lilith Fund
Feminist Blogs
Cover My Pills!
Back Up Your Birth Control
Women's Autonomy & Sexual Sovereignty Movement
Guttmacher Institute


Feminist Majority Foundation
National Organization of Women
ACLU: Women's Rights
Feminist Campus
Feminist Blogs
Women's eNews
Ms. Magazine
Bitch Magazine
Equality Now
Third Wave Foundation
Women's Edge
Advancement of Women
Equal Rights Advocates
Girls Inc.
Institute for Women's Leadership
National Women's Alliance
Younger Women's Task Force
Center for Women and Work
Women Work Network
Guerilla Girls
I Blame the Patriarchy
Carnival of Feminists
The F Word (UK)
bitch Phd
Ilyka Damen
media girl


10 Ways to Fight Hate
Gay Rights Watch
Human Rights Campaign
Youth Resource
Gay & Lesbian Task Force
Freedom to Marry
GLBT Help Center
Good As You
"Ex-gay" Watch
Victory Fund
Matthew Shepard Foundation
Human Rights Watch
ACLU: Gay Rights
Partners Against Hate
Not In Our Town
After Ellen
After Elton
365 Gay
The Advocate
Family Equality Council
Gay Teens Resource
Marriage Equality
Why Gay Marriage
Toward Equality
Page One Q
Center for Lesbian Rights
Soul Force
Queer Theory
Visions of Freedom
Lesbian & Gay Association
Center for Civil Rights
Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby
Would Jesus Discriminate?
Religious Tolerance
Canadians for Equal Marriage
Alternatives to Marriage
Rainbow Law Center
NOW: Lesbian Rights
Queer Marriage
Unison Union
Victorian Rights Lobby
Veterans for Equal Rights
Gay Christian Network
Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry
Gay Strategic Studies
Whosoever Magazine
LOGO Online


Five Years Too Many
True Majority
Bring Them Home Now
Ask Any Soldier
Peace Action
Not in Our Name
Move On
Iraq Body Count
Cost of War
Impeach Bush
War Resisters
Protest Net
Conscientious Objectors
Code Pink: Women for Peace
Veterans for Peace
Veterans Against the Iraq War
Vietnam Veterans Against the War
Grandmothers for Peace
Gold Star Families for Peace
Military Families Speak Out
United for Peace
Waging Peace
War Resisters League
No More Victims
Indy Media: Anti-War
Michael Moore
John Kerry
Peace Blogs
Women's League for Peace
Catholic Peace Movement
ACLU: National Security
U.S. Institute of Peace
Center for American Progress
Campus Progress
Help Children of War
Question War
Magnetic Peace
No Blood for Oil
Talk Left
Raw Story
Political Wire
Think Progress
Common Dreams
Boycotts for Peace
Our World, Our Say

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